Welcome to HOSHI NO KISEKI, the TAFL approved fanlisting for Kira Yamato (Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny) image songs, TOMORROW.


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30/5/2011 - Moving to a new home, and minor fixed on the layout ^^

23/4/2008 - Finally... a new layout!

3/5/2007 - Problem with Firefox finally fixed! Took me long enough!

26/3/2007 - A new layout!! Totally inspired from my Lulu/Euphie fanlisting! And it's green. No blue this time! btw... this layout look weird in Firefox. I'm still trying to fixed them.

6/2/2007 - A new home for Tomorrow... Thanks Kellie for hosting me!

15/12/2006 - Yay!! a new layout!!!

26/11/2006 - Made a new codes, replacing the old ones.

18/7/2006 - Umm.. I'll be away for a few days. Since I can't use internet, I'll add the pending members once I get back on 22nd or 23rd July!

14/7/2006 - Add more affilites which all of them run by Tara from Yzak.nu!

27/6/2006 - Convert to Enthuasist!

24/5/2006 - YAY!!!! I was approved!!!! *happy dance for 24 hours*

21/4/2006 - Apply for "Tomorrow" fanlisting. Hopefully I get this one!

14/4/2006 - Start coding and such. Waaaahh.. so fast!

13/4/2006 - Haha... I haven't apply yet, but I'm done with the layout. Oh well!

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